Why Campervans are taking off in South Africa

In the old days everyone used to own a caravan which they towed with a VW kombi or the usual family pool car. The caravan was only really used for the December holidays while the rest of the time it stood outside the home or at the local storage place.

However the days of keeping something which requires financing (in most cases) and not making optimal use of that item are long gone. It is with this in mind that campervan use in South Africa is slowly winning the race against caravans as a whole. So why a campervan you ask? Read a little further intrepid traveller….

  1. Freedom & Convenience: Ability to choose your own schedule (When and Where)
  2. Maximising the Experience: Squeezing in as many sights as possible (Without the Hassle)
  3. All in One: Includes both accommodation & transport thereby (Convenient with less effort)
  4. Bang for your Buck: Campsites are cheaper than hotels / driving is cheaper than flying
  5. Be Spontaneous: Change of travel plans not a problem (Without the Pain)

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