Happy Family


"The Happy Saffa"

Eric is the CFO of Happy Campers South Africa. He believes South Africa is the best country in the World. Although he likes to crunch the numbers, he has a passion for South African wine, sport & travel.

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"The Happy Biker"

Stephan founded Happy Campers in South Africa with his business partner Eric. Stephan seeks out adventures whenever he can and can't get enough of biking and trail running.

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"The Happy Golfer"

Herdis founded Happy Campers in Iceland in 2009 and is the head of Travel Agency relations globally. She has a serious case of the golf bug and can't think of better ways to spend her time than playing golf in Iceland, South Africa, and other beautiful countries.

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"The Happy Boss"

Sverrir founded Happy Campers with his wife Herdís in Iceland in 2009. He is the CEO of Happy Campers, but we prefer to call him “the Happy boss”.

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