Travel to Namibia? YES!

One of the most request questions we get from our customers these days is ‘Can I travel to Namibia in your campervans? The answer is a definite YES! Our T&Cs are tweaked a little where the following items are mandatory:

  1. R450 per day Premium Package Insurance
  2. R25 000 per rental Refundable Deposit (Note: This is payable when you collect your campervan and then repaid when you return the vehicle provided there isn’t any damage to the vehicle)
  3. R1000 per rental Insurance Letter providing you with access across the border (without this Namibia authorities will not allow you across the border)

With all the boring documentation taken care of let’s take a look at notable things to do while in Namibia:

Things to consider when planning for your trip:

  1. Travel preferably in the Winter months (May-August) as the Summer months things get very hot
  2. The distance from Happy Campers offices to Noordoewer / the Namibian border is almost 700km so plan your driving time and stop-offs well.
  3. Give yourself extra time for travelling such long distances and hydrate with water / liquids frequently
  4. When you’re in a national park with wild animals please remain in your vehicle at all times
  5. Take extra care when driving Namibia’s gravel roads. They are well maintained however here and there potholes or ditches jump out at you when you least expect it!

To end off check out our friend Paul’s video review who drove our Happy 4×4 through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and then back into South Africa. The trip took him 54 days and 12 500km!