The Happy Challenge – Drakensburg Amphitheater, KwazuluNatal

Its name, Drakensberg, roughly translate to “dragon mountains” or “the mountains of dragons”. And, it’s no wonder that it has earned this name because some of the peaks are mammoth in size and stature. The Amphitheatre is a dramatic cliff face that measures more than five kilometres (3.1 miles) in length. The cliffs along the entire length of the range are more than 1.2 kilometres (4 000 feet) high. The Amphitheatre is part of the northern part of the Drakensberg, and is home to the Tugela Falls, which tumble into the Tugela Gorge with the kind of power and grace that only nature can create. This is the second-highest waterfall in the world, with sheets of water that drop 948 metres (3 100 feet) before crashing to the bottom. Drink in views of the gorge, the mountain range, and the best of African landscapes as far as the eye can see…..

A view of the Amphitheatre in the Kwazulu-Natal Drakensberg of South Africa

The location?

Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/ziBuZ6kHPDyxvX1GA

How to get there?

Follow the N3 from Durban in a north-westerly direction. The trip is approximately 364km / 4 hours, 30 minutes.

Things to do?

Have a go at the hiking trail that starts at the car park above Witsieshoek Resort and takes visitors to the top of Mount-Aux-Sources. From here, there is a short climb (on chain ladders) right to the top of the Amphitheatre. The sights are spectacular! There is also a 22-kilometre trail to the base of the Tugela Falls, complete with a chain ladder. Hikers will need to set aside a about eight hours for this adventure. Both hikes are fairly challenging and require a reasonable level of fitness.

Best place for your photo?

Any view of the majestic mountains in the background or at the Tugela Falls which is the 2nd highest falls in the World!