Travelling with Happy Campers An Honest Review

When travelling through South Africa not many people tend to think of doing it by camper van. Well have I got some news for you – It is absolutely amazing!

There are so many camp sites spread throughout South Africa that you can literally drive in every direction and find a comfortable resting place.

Also, the area surrounding Cape Town is actually very safe, despite what other people had warned me about before. We actually never felt unsafe, not at any moment!

We explored Cape Town, drove to the most Southern point of Africa and cruised through the wine region. And I can honestly say, it left me craving for more! I can’t wait to one day hop back into that Happy Campers van!

Another advantage? Travelling with a Happy Campers van gives you an immense amount of flexibility. There is no need to book camp sites in advance so you are free to drive to wherever, whenever. We loved exploring the wine region so decided to stay here a couple of more days and relax. If your itinerary is already planned out completely you lose this flexibility.

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