Why Cape Town’s water crisis is under Control (Update)

In March this year we talked about Cape Town’s water crisis, and what was being done to prevent a disaster from happening. Today, 6 months later, where are we now?

Is there still a danger from Cape Town becoming the first major city globally to run our of water? Oh ye of little Faith!

A quick snapshot of the current combined dam levels now compared to previous years is something to behold:

(10 September 2018)

– 2018: 69% (YES! Almost 70% full)

– 2017: 37% (Scary…..)

– 2016: 61.4% (We’re even better today than 2 years ago!)

However, the most incredible change is the Theewaterskloof Dam which is has gone from desert to being a real dam again. Bear in mind that Theewaterskloof provides 40% of Cape Town’s water supply. Don’t believe me? Check out this cracker of a video of the change that has happened over the last few months:

At the time that this video was taken, the dam was still only 38% full………….today it’s just over 50%! High Five to all cape Townians who pulled together to make this happen. Geez I love this country of ours…

So to all our overseas friends, you can come back now as everything is fine again.