Collaboration with Stephanus Rabie (Photographer)

Collaboration with Stephanus Rabie (Photographer)

Published: 23. October 2017
By: Eric

We teamed up with photographer extraordinaire, Stephanus Rabie who took our Happy 1 campervan for a long weekend to the Swartberg mountains in the Western Cape province We asked Stephanus to try and capture the essence of travelling in South Africa, and how the magnificence of the landscape, can create memories (and photos!) that last a lifetime.

Did he succeed in capturing the essence of travel? You decide.

riving our #Happy1 will make you want to jump for joy!

he misty mountains of the Swartberg in the distance gives you a sense of wonder.

It's only when we travel that new insights & perspectives are gained.

ollow the windy road to the top of the mountain.

Somewhere over the rainbow, our #Happy1 campervan takes you way up high.

Eric is the CFO of Happy Campers South Africa. He believes South Africa is the best country in the World. Although he likes to crunch the numbers, he has a passion for South African wine, sport & travel.

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