Post-Lockdown : Reclaim the road with Wesgro

So you’re ready to break out of this COVID19 Lockdown situation? Want to explore on a trip in and around Cape Town?!

With 3 days travel in and around Cape Town, you can drive the picturesque Kogelbay Coastal road, check out those whales in Hermanus, scare the living daylights out of yourself by diving with sharks in Gansbaai or visit the southern most tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas and visit the totally authentic car museum at L’Ormarins. And that’s even before you start your Cape Town city adventure including Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Boulders Beach and a whole lot more!

We put together this 3 Day Self-Drive Tour to help you have the best experience possible:


  • Campervan Pick-Up
  • Kogelbay Coastal Road
  • Whale watching in Hermanus
  • Onrus Caravan Park

DAY 2:

  • Sharkcage Diving / Boat Cruising in Gansbaai
  • Franschhoek
  • Wine Tram Tour & Restaurants
  • Franschhoek Camping Farm

DAY 3:

  • L’Ormarins Car Museum outside Franschhoek
  • Cape Town Table Mountain
  • V&A Waterfront
  • Boulders Beach
  • Mountain Breeze Caravan Park

DAY 4:

  • Campervan Drop-Off


Howzit! Today you’ll meet the ‘Happy Campers family’, drive one of the most beautiful drives in the World, come up close (but not too close!) to whales in Hermanus and take a well deserved overnight rest at the wonderful Onrus Caravan Park.

‘Just follow the little blue line….’

10:00 Campervan Pick-Up

Meet the ‘Happy Campers Family’ at their depot in Somerset West just outside Cape Town (and about 20 minutes from Cape Town International Airport). TIP: Once you’re all set with your campervan, buy provisions for your trip earlier rather than later. This prevents you needing to find a shop or a mall when you want to be out exploring. There are numerous shops and malls just across the road from the depot such as The Somerset Mall.

12:00: Kogelbay Coastal Road

Head down south-west from the depot and hug the coastline to drive the Kogelbay Coastal Road. TIP: Look out for the shark spotters’ who patrol the entire False Bay looking for sharks and warn swimmers and surfers of their presence. Give these guys a high-five as they provide a great service to the citizens of the Cape.

‘Go where the mountains meet the sea’

14:00: Whale watching in Hermanus (June to December)

Hermanus is where the whales come out to play, so if you’re travelling between June and December, head out there for a fish and chips at the harbour & watch those mammoths of the sea show off. However, out of season there’s also a lot going on such as this To-Do list. TIP: One of the best spots to view the whales is called Bientang’s Cave which is literally on the rocks! Enjoy a quick snack or a long draft of the best craft beer

18:00: Onrus Caravan Park

At the close of the day we recommend staying at the fantastic Onrus Caravan Park. The park has all the amenities, is close to the hubbub of Hermanus (a mere 5 minute drive) and yet very quiet for you to get your beauty sleep. There are two seasons to choose from: High Season (December to January) and Low Season (February to November).

Total Daily Travel Time – 1,5 hours

Distance to travel – 86 km


Did you have a good sleep? Feeling refreshed?! Let’s go! Today you have a choice of either diving with sea monsters or (if you’d rather not ) hop on a boat in Gansbaai to check out the amazing sea life from up close and personal. Then it’s wine + dine in the uber posh Franschhoek valley.

‘Zig-zag and back again….’

09:00: Sharkcage Diving

From Onrus Caravan Park head south-west along the coast to Gansbaai which is the mecca of sharkcage diving in South Africa. If you’re keen to see these incredible, elegant creatures up close ensure that you arrive early. Most reputable boat operators are found at or near the harbour and trips normally take approximately 3 hours.For the non-sharkcage diving crew, most of the boat operators also offer whale watching and cape fur seal tours which is epic TIP: Ensure you take warm clothing (Summer or Winter!) as it is always cold on a boat.

‘Say Cheeeeeese!!’

15:00: Franschhoek

A quaint, little town which was founded by French Hugonots in the late 1600s and who made it their own. Known for its stunning wine, majestic mountains, world class restaurants, festivals and too many activities to mention. If you get there late or your time is limited, focus on getting on the wonderful wine tram tour and check out La Motte wine farm TIP: Visit Haute Cabriere which is a wine cellar built into the mountain. Their pinot noir red wine is incredible!

‘Wait! Take me with you!’

18:00: Franschhoek Camping (La Motte, Heuwelsig Farm, La Motte Station Road, 7690)

Heuwelsig farm offers top notch camping sites, amazing views of the mountains, the vineyards (of course!) plus braaing (bbq) and pool facilities. TIP: If you are staying for a little while longer this is a good place to make your base as it is central to the town and within striking distance of more wine farms and restaurants that you can care to count.

Total Daily Travel Time – 2,5 hours

Distance to travel – 189 km


If you find yourself waking up to the sounds of a fully fledged ‘working farm’ with tractors, ‘bakkies’ or pick-ups, harvesting and general work, you’re definitely in the right place. Today you’ll be visiting the amazing L’Ormarins Car museum a stone’s throw from where you currently are at Anthonij Rupert Wines. To top things off we’ve saved the best for last; In Cape Town you’ll be checking out Table Mountain and getting your shopping fix at the V&A Waterfront, saying hi to those adorable penguins at Boulders Beach, and then heading off to your last (Booo!!) stop over at Mountain Breeze caravan park in Stellenbosch. Wow that was a mouthful: )

‘Cape Town I’m coming for you!’

09:00: L’Ormarins Car Museum @ Anthonij Rupert Wines

Even if you’re not all that mad about cars, this museum will definitely impress you! It showcases 100 years of car history, has more than 200 cars including a Enzo Ferrari supercar. TIP: If cars or their history do not impress you, have a glass or 2 of the Anthonij Rupert wines or tuck into the fabulous Deli delights.

‘Vrooommmm, Vroommmmm!!!’

11:00: Table Mountain, Cape Town

The ‘Mother City’ as the locals know it is dominated by a mountain called Table Mountain, due to the clouds that form and gather at its peak, which looks like a table-cloth. The cable car ride that takes travellers to the top of the mountain is a must! TIP: The out the fluffy little creatures on the mountain called ‘dassies’ or rock hyrax. They’re apparently family of the elephant (true story!)

‘Where is that tablecloth?!’

13:00: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Attractions, shops, restaurants, boat and helicopter rides, events, something for everyone and everything, it’s no wonder that the waterfront is one of South Africa’s most visited landmarks. TIP: If you’re looking to take home a curio or something from Africa, check out the African Trading Port. You’ll never see as many or varied african curios again on your lifetime

‘That boat! That setting! I could be here for days…..’

15:00: Boulders Beach, Cape Town

What can be better than getting up close and personal with incredibly cute, hands in their pockets little creatures who are really chilled with you checking them out?! FUN FACT: Although they’re called ‘African Penguins’ now these cute creatures used to be called Jackass penguins! Haha Why they changed the name no one knows….

‘Helloooooo little penguins! I’m here to annoy you…..’

18:00: Mountain Breeze Caravan Park, Stellenbosch

If there ever was a place where you could just arrive, set up camp or in your case just open the campervan doors and chill, then this is it. TIP: Park your campervan under the trees in the park as it provides good cover from the south-east wind during the summer months.

Distance Travel – 203km

Travel Time – 3,75 hours

DAY 4:

Today you drop off your campervan at Happy Campers depot. Boooo!! Or you can extend your trip but please ask us beforehand as we may need your campervan to make the next customer just as Happy 🙂

‘All the way back home…..’

10:00: Campervan Drop-Off

Drop-off your campervan at the Happy Campers depot in Somerset West. Remember to please take all your belongings in the van and give us any feedback that you think we could use to improve the ‘Happy Campers’ experience. Please leave us a review on either Google or Facebook. We really appreciate your custom! Safe travels, Eric and Stephan (the Happy Campers Team)