The Happy Challenge – Ronnies Shop, Western Cape

Ronnie painted the name Ronnie’s Shop on this cottage next to the R62, planning to open a farm stall to sell fresh produce and fruit. His friends played a prank on him by changing the name to Ronnie’s Sex Shop!! Initially angry about the involuntary name change, Ronnie left the name and continued fixing the dilapidated building. In time Ronnie converted the shop into a bar, which has had visitors from all over the world. Judging by the graffiti, it has also become a regular pitstop for bikers and travelers who like things a little more off-beat….


The location?

Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/8Cm5U986Qgq86as98

How to get there?

Follow the N1 north-eastwards from Cape Town to Worcester, then take the R60 to Robertson and then Ashton which is where the R62 starts. Ronnie’s Sex Shop is outside of Barrydale on the R62, approximately 100 km from Ashton.

Things to do?

The R62 is known as the longest wine route in the world, so try out any (or all?) the wineries on the route. A word of caution, the route stretches for more than 500 km so pacing yourself with all those wine stops is a must!

Best place for your photo?

A photo in the main bar of Ronnies where a myriad of underwear (panties, bras, etc!!) can be seen to be hanging from the ceiling. We did warn you that the place is off-beat……