The Best Camping Sites in the Western Cape?

Making a list of anything is difficult enough, however to rank or sort that list is almost impossible due to the subjectivity of it all. However, why not create a list without a ranking or scorecard? So in effect you’d have a list of places to see before you die……or maybe something a little less dramatic than that. So without further ado, here’s a few camping sites which we would recommend for the Western Cape:

KogelBay, Gondon’s Bay

Campsite Info: 300 Stands and 5 Self Catering Cottages

Things To Do: Swimming, Fishing, Bird Watching, Mountain Biking, Hiking Trails.

Handy Tip: Pre-Book your camping stand as the resort does not allow walk-ins without a booking.

Drive time from Cape Town: 30 minutes

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Dwarsberg Trout Haven, Rawsonville

Campsite Info: 11 Camp Sites and 4 Self Catering Cottages

Things To Do: Trout Fishing (Of course!), Mountain Biking, Wine Tasting, Hiking Trails.

Handy Tip: There are a few wine farms which offer wine tasting & food for great value for money

Drive time from Cape Town: 1 hour

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Beaverlac Camping, Cederberg

Campsite Info: Various stands and 9 Self Catering Cabins

Things To Do: Swimming in rock pools, Mountain Biking, Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails.

Handy Tip: There is a shop on the premises which stocks most items needed for camping.

Drive time from Cape Town: 2 hours

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Vic Bay Campsite, Garden Route

Campsite Info: 38 Stands with ablution facilities

Things To Do: Swimming, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Golf, Shopping,

Handy Tip: Take a relaxing boat trip to Seal Island and get to see fur seals and their greatest enemy The Great White Shark!

Drive time from Cape Town: 5 hours

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Mountain Breeze Resort, Stellenbosch

Campsite Info: 70 Stands and Self Catering Accommodation

Things To Do: Swimming, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Pool Table, Children’s Play Area.

Handy Tip: Due to its close location to Stellenbosch weekends can get busy, so try and book during the week.

Drive time from Cape Town: 25 minutes

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Do you agree? What is your best / favourite spots?