Why Choose Happy Campers for Your Trip This Winter


Prepare for Your Trip

Our goal at Happy Campers is to make the most of your trip to Iceland. We do this in many ways but perhaps most importantly, we make sure that you have all the tools, tips, and information you need before your trip.

Winter Camping Guide

Winter traveling or camping in Iceland can seem a little scary, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. That’s why we prepared an extensive travel guide all about winter camping in Iceland. Experience a unique side of Iceland while saving some money by traveling during the off-season.

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Happy Campers Blog

Happy Campers blog is a great addition to our travel guides. As the most experienced campervan rental company in Iceland, over the years we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge on how to make the most out of your trip to Iceland. You will find everything you need to know before your trip to Iceland.

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Campsite Map

“Are any campsite open in winter?” is the most common question regarding winter camping. The answer is yes! To make things easier for you, we created Happy Campers Campsite Map. The map is categorized into summer, winter, and hybrid campsites. Each campsite has information about prices, facilities, and more.

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Still have questions?

We understand that choosing the right campervan rental in Iceland is an important decision. Especially if you are planning to travel in winter. We want you to feel confident when booking a campervan, so if you are still unsure, we’re here to help.

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