The Happy Challenge - Table Mountain, Western Cape

The Happy Challenge - Table Mountain, Western Cape

Published: 14. June 2019
By: Eric

Since the first person laid eyes on Table Mountain in Cape Town it has exerted its powerful and charismatic pull, enchanting and drawing any and all who fall under its spell. The way to the top has never been easy, and for many centuries only a handful of bold and enterprising people could say that they had climbed it. Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains in the world at 260 million years. Even the Andes, at 250 million years of age, is younger. The Himalayas, which people automatically assume are far older, are only 40 million years old. The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway was opened in 1929 and since then over 16 million people have taken the trip to the top!. In 2012, the cableway celebrated its 83rd anniversary in 2012 and remains the most popular tourist attraction in Cape Town....

The location?

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How to get there?

Follow the CBD of Cape Town head in a northerly direction. The cableway is at the foot of Table Mountain on the harbour side.

Things to do?

A self-service restaurant at the top of Table Mountain offers a wide range of foods ranging from hot breakfast, the hot meal of the day, snack menus and coffee bar or if you want something a little more romantic, watch the sun set over Camps Bay and the twinkling lights of the Mother City at the Cableway Cocktail Bar. Sit and linger over special cocktails while looking out over the bay and Table Mountain.

Best place for your photo?

At the very of Table Mountain, there lives a little furry creature known as a 'dassie' or rock hyrax. Dassies look like big, cuddly bunnies and are not shy to take a closer peak of tourists walking by. Challenge: Take a photo of a dassie with the Cape Town harbour in the background :)

Eric is the CFO of Happy Campers South Africa. He believes South Africa is the best country in the World. Although he likes to crunch the numbers, he has a passion for South African wine, sport & travel.

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